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Our Mission

My many years in the fitness culture scene since 1983, selling bodybuilding equipment, opening mega gyms, corporate consulting & training fortune 500 CEO and Olympic athletes as well. The elite training systems and certification programs obtained by our trainers are the lowest risk trainers, and should be compensated with lower premiums. We want to know who certifies you... My personal distinctions over the years have been. 

  • NASM
  • RKC
  • CK-FMS
  • CICS
  • StongFirst
  • FitRanX
  • Z-Health R,I,S
  • IYCA

Quality Customized Coverage

We have teamed up with American owned and operated Allied Professional Insurance Services (APIS). A company with over 30 years in the Allied Health industry and what we came up with was a policy that was exclusive and unbeatable in our price and coverage for Professional & General Liability Insurance.

I am convinced that our trainers would be at the lowest risk category. Therefore lessening a chance for a peril and claim.

For the trainer, this means lower premium and better total coverage since this is for Professional and General liability insurance and covers our trainers anytime and anywhere.

We reward the trainer who continues to develop their skill set to better serve their client’s needs making them a lower risk due to their better understanding of needs, making them a conscientious coach and a deserving risk.

Easy and Affordable

Our protection for fitness professionals and coaches is a simple online application for quick response and prompt coverage.

Again, we are determined to provide the most competitive rate possible to our trainers and coaches as gratitude for their quest for higher learning. Must provide certification on our listed affiliates, (Let us know about other certifications to add and we will research to approve them).

Become part of America's elite force of Fitness Professionals, Fitness Secure. Protection for Fitness Professionals!

Rated #1 in Allied Health Insurance

Do all gyms require proof of insurance for its instructors?

Most any fitness facilities will require at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 million aggregate coverage from their trainers. With Fitness Secure, our $123 annual or $13 for 10 months per year is one of the lowest rates available in the country.

As a Fitness coach you are always on the go,. With Fitness Secure your coverage goes with you to insure you are protected wherever you are you are training.

Coverage wherever you Train

Additional coverages

If you engage your client in nutritional consulting or massage, with proper certification, then you can add additional coverage.

Fitness Secure

Must provide current affiliate certification

$13 a month for 10 months or $123 annually

$1,000,000 per occurrence /$0 deductible/$3,000,000 gross

Professional and General Liability

Additional Insurance

Must have current certification for Nutrition and/or Massage Therapy

Coverage for Nutrition or Massage Therapy

$1,000,000 limit/ $0 deductible/$3,000,000 gross

$25.00 for each additional endorsement

This is the team where trainers should go to get there insurance.

Victor Pomo - Fitness 19 Owner

Jim is all about giving back to the profession. His new program rewards trainers and coaches who are certified with the lowest rate based on the quality of their services.

Phil Stump - President APIS Insurance

Fitness Secure Trainers Association

Discounts on certifications, access to a trainer forum, and exclusive deals!
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